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Thanks for this article.....fascinating and will be interested to see what comes of these findings.

As you always have your eyes peeled on the skies, I thought you might be interested in this quote from the recent U.N. panel of Experts DRC report:

""The Group also received information from several sources, including DRC government sources, that the DRC authorities planned to send 2,500 military contractors from Colombia, Mexico and Argentina to North Kivu to stop the advance of M23, and that three South African nationals were present from 15 March to mid-April 2023 to prepare for the arrival of these 2,500 military contractors and coordinate their actions and operations in North Kivu. While several sources informed the Group that the sending of the contractors followed a bilateral agreement concluded between the DRC and the United Arabic Emirates, the UAE denied the existence of such an agreement.

The Group was informed that in mid-April 2023, the plan to send 2,500 military contractors was (temporarily) halted."

Certainly something to keep in the back of your mind if you see any flights that fit the bill....elections coming up in DRC in December and I would think they would want to have things in place well before any trouble from M23 which could impact election results.

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Thanks for the fascinating writeup, really enjoy these insights.

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